Monday, 16 March 2009

Most cringeworthy newspaper front page of the day...

I saw this and had to fight down the desire to burn the newspaper stand to the ground

Pob continues her quest to die with no grace what so ever


Fidothedog said...

roll on next years most haunted on Living TV, Jade talks to the kids with Dorris Stokes and Buddy Holly.

The Scumbag said...

Wouldn't put it past her - Doubtless that horrible specimen Max Clifford will manage to hawk the rights to some third rate "celebrity" rag.

I assume "hello" or "Ok" or "urrk" have secured the rights for her exclusive funeral photos?

Anonymous said...

The angels are calling mummy what?
A bald headed publicity mad slapper? Some slag who if all the prick she has had was put end to end could make a handrail around the Isle of Wight. Oh yeah by the way Jade and of course the celebrity ghoul Max that wasn't a woman with a hammer in your room last week that was a bloke in a cowl and carrying a scyth checking vital signs.

Anonymous said...

"I assume "hello" or "Ok" or "urrk" have secured the rights for her exclusive funeral photos?"
Pity theres mot a magazine called "Oink" would go down OK there

lexander said...

Clifford does not come out of this well. His reputation was always a bit iffy. Jade is just driven to make money for the kids.

The Penguin said...

OK have already published the In Memoriam Issue, and she's still breathing.

Has Channel Scum bought the autopsy rights?

The Penguin

The Scumbag said...

I saw that today Penguin..... Apparently the rag features her "last words" (?!)

So that means that either
1) they're making it up. Or
2) someone has gagged the cow

Anything to shift copy eh? Tossers