Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Oh dear....

I really shouldn't read the BBC news as it just makes me grumpy...

In their quest to ensure the hysteria about climate change remains undiminished in the face of mounting evidence that it's all bullshit; the BBC are now reporting the lunatic suggestion that climate change is responsible for all sorts of natural disaster phenomenons such as: -
  • Hurricanes (these being a new phenomenon obviously)
  • Flooding (which again, never occurred before those pesky factories started up
And the 2 interesting ones
  • Tsunamis, and
  • Earthquakes
Errr - Come again? Earthquakes?? Those things caused by the sudden movement of tectonic plates against one another? Fuck me sideways, I've heard some strange things about so called MMCC - but that takes the sodding biscuit. Ditto tsunamis, those tidal waves caused by undersea earthquakes.
Whichever moron penned this article is a fucking tool And the quoted insurance representative who said this (one Torsten Jeworrek of Munich Re)
Climate change has already started and is very probably contributing to increasingly frequent weather extremes and ensuing natural catastrophes
is a disingenuous twat.

But just to illustrate how bad things are though, the BBC gave us this picture of someone from China weeping over the remains of his home, doubtless destroyed by that pesky global warming caused earthquake.

Damn you global warming!

A Great Week for The "Beautiful Game"

After a surprisingly quiet build up to the festive period where by some miracle there were no cases of Christmas party roasting for the first time in many a year; football obviously had some catching up to do.

Thus we have exhibit A - a first division player who:
is understood to have been the driver of a black Mercedes CLC 180 sport car which was in collision with Mr Mohamed's Ford Galaxy on the southbound carriageway at Junction 19.

A Leicestershire Police spokesman said Mr Mohamed sustained serious injuries and was taken by air ambulance to the Walsgrave Hospital in Coventry.

He said: "The injured man died at 1615 GMT on Friday, 26 December

Exhibit B is that chirpy Scouse Steven Gerrard (MBE none-the-less), who has been charged following some bloke getting glassed in a bar.
In a statement, a Merseyside Police spokesman said: "Merseyside Police has charged Steven Gerrard, 28 years, of Formby, Sefton, John Doran, 29, and Ian Smith, 19 years, both from Huyton, Liverpool, with assault occasioning actual bodily harm and affray following an incident at Bold Street in Southport in the early hours of Monday, December 29."

Legally speaking neither of these 2 have been found guilty of anything, so I will refrain from commenting further just yet. But it looks like it's back to business as usual for planet football.


Update: -
A "free Steven Gerrard" site has sprung up where people can leave messages of support for him, highlights include:
  • Lock him up with Michael Shields
  • Liverpool fans are scum, half of them are Irish
  • Shit!! I thought this was the free Ian Huntley site! Never mind....
  • Don’t worry Stevie, we’ll threaten the judge for you.
Also this bunch of shitehawks have already started pushing "free Stevie" clothing, including the fetching thong

Fucking money-grabbing Scouse twats

Drunk In Charge of a Baby

These two vile specimens, Mark and Petra Tyler of Reindeer Street, Mansfield, have just been given a slap on the wrist for taking their 4 month old sprog out on a 7 hour piss-up.
The child was described by police as hungry and had a filthy bottle filled with sour milk in his pushchair.
Poor kid is probably lucky it didn't have a bottle full of wife-beater for sustenance.

As this photo shows they are full of remorse for their actions and a 2 year community order and a 60 quid fine (doubtless payable at some laughable rate like £2 per week) seems entirely appropriate.

Look in the dictionary for a definition of "Remorse"
- You'll find this photo

I can't find any information on what sort (if any) community service they'll have to do, but I doubt they'll get a lovely orange hi-viz jacket as it'll violate their human rights or some such nonsense. But on the off-chance anyone happens to be in Mark and Petra's neck of the woods and sees a bald ugly bloke and a fat bottle blonde in a shell-suit wearing a hi-viz, be sure to chuck a can or 2 at them.

Good - more please

Fresh from the BBC comes the heart rendering news that crims on community service wearing hi-vis vests have suffered "abuse" while cleaning graffiti and whatnot.

Ahhhhh - bless. Poor ickle crims being picked on are we??? Feeling suitably shamed and victimised are we?? Never mind - possibly consider this next time you feel it's appropriate to knock a granny to the ground and steal her handbag.
In one area a group of youths shouted "nonces, smackheads, lowlifes" at a work group, in another offenders were sworn at and in a third case cans were thrown
Class... And I thought that the observation skills of modern youth has diminished - maybe I was wrong.

In fact the only addition I'd make is to put the words "Big" and "Gay" before "Community payback". And maybe make the vests glittery for good measure. Then watch these fuckers wear it as a badge of pride like those useless asbos

Sunday, 28 December 2008


Having caused a recession, the dear leader has now decreed that we must "display the same spirit" as our predecessors did in WW2.

For fucks sake this utter tosser gets more and more insane as the days go by.

All we can hope is that just like WW2, this whole recession gets ended with its architects topping themselves in a bunker in the capital

Bitch takes troughing to new heights

There is taking the biscuit, and there is taking the fucking biscuit: -

Spotted over on the Ranting Penguin's rather fine blog:
some ginger cunt working in Council Housing in Norwich took it upon herself to have a load of pensioners evicted from their bungalows in anticipation of a redevelopment scheduled for a long time hence, and then to "save money" on security to prevent squatters and vandals, promptly moved into one of the bungalows herself, with another senior housing department official on a peppercorn rent. And so did a load of her colleagues.
Fucking hell, Uncle Bob Mugabe himself would be proud of her - and RP is right - she's so ginger it's Mick Hucknall with a floral handbag

The Times also mentions that:
Ms Reeves... .... lectures at national housing conferences on her specialist topic of “sub-regional excellence”
Living the values of excellence are we Kristine? Christ, she's even trying to jargonise the eviction process describing it as "decanting" the residents. What a fucking shameless, corrupt bitch.

But it's ok, despite being a complete twat, it's all ok because she's being green as she evicts old grannies
Asked what would happen to the carved wooden benches on the green where residents used to rest, and the flower boxes dedicated to the Queen’s Golden Jubilee, she said: “We are going to recycle as much as we can.”
So all is forgiven.

Happily though she's been suspended, but in the meantime if you want to send her an e-mail for her bosses to read then this document here from the organisation that she used to chair (regional homelessness advisory panel) lists her e-mail as KristineReeves@norwich.gov.uk - send her a mail, I will be.

Update: -
Tractor Stats uncovers latest Norwich council housing department PR photos - genius

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

4 down, more to come?

The silly named Zavvi has now gone into administration as has Officers club, with that coffee shop Whittards going into administration and the demise of Woolies (Scumbag called in there at 9 this morning to get some selection boxes - now left apart from fucking pick n.mix), things are gathering pace.

Who'll be left at the end of it all?

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Sod "global warming", it's being Fruity that's fucking up our morals

So his holiness the pope (who lets not forget was a member of the Hitler youth) has decided that Iain Dale & co are as big a threat to the world as global warming.

How does he sleep at night? what with his unreasonable fears of being flooded out or the seas boiling dry or whatever moonbat & his fellow climate change nutjobs are exaggerating this week; plus now his fears that the armies of the gay are marching on Vatican city armed only with floral curtains & a copy of heat magazine to destroy the morals of all good catholics

The gay hordes corrupt another good catholic's morals

Naturally some of the gayfolk of the world are upset

Ms Luxuria (a transgender former Italian MP), who recently lost her seat in the Italian parliament, said suggesting people like her were destructive was very hurtful.
You go girl!! Scratch his eyes out!!

Never fear Benedict, you'll be fine - the ice-caps are safe and so is your bottom morals

Has anybody seen our nonces?

Fucking unbelievable

Fat Jacqui's band of plods appear to have "lost track" of 317 sex offenders in the past 12 months - no-one knows where they have fucked off to - I doubt it's for therapy.

So all those databases, all those rules, all those hi-tech systems that the home office buys, and once again they fuck up....

I fucking despair.

Merry Christmas


Just realised this is the censored version but it's the only one available with the actual video since youtube deletes all south park content - twats

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Career limiting moves

This little fat fucker, one Bob Quick, who bears more than a passing resemblance to Alf from Home & Away, has decided to commit what is sure to be career suicide and chuck his bricks out of the pram over a newspaper article

Fat Alf is in charge of hounding Damian Green over some home office leaks, and as a result he has become a lot more high profile. The daily mail has since run a story saying his missus runs some sort of taxi company from the marital home, which has led to fat Alf going all Black helicopters and saying the tories are out to nobble him.

Jesus wept - just what we need, another plod who's more paranoid than your average dope smoker.... Fucking genius. But at least he's come out and displayed that the rozzers at a a high level are all political bastards toadying up to their political paymasters in the hope of patronage

But he's obviously a bit of a divvy, because all this hissy-fit means is that when the tories get into power, Fat Alf will have all the career prospects of Ian Huntley. But at least he might be able to get a job driving taxis.

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Dogs: - Gone to.....

If we ever needed proof that as a nation we are completely fucked, then this little gem of a story is another star witness in the case for the prosecution.
Thousands of the worst rapists and paedophiles can now seek to be taken off the sex offenders' register to protect their human rights.
It appears that 3 high court judges in their infinite wisdom have decided that nonces, rapists and other deviants have the right to challenge plods ability to keep tabs on them, and doubtless when they do some rat-faced weasel of a lawyer on the legal aid shilling will be able to convince a judge that it's against a nonces right to be prevented from living near a school.
So who are these brave upholders of the rights of nonces?
Lord Justice Latham, Mr Justice Underhill and Mr Justice Flaux
I was going to go off on some rant about how I hoped that these mongs get a nasty dose of karma down a darken alley; but I really can't work up the necessary head of steam after the week I've had. This country is utterly fucked as long as we stay beholden to idiot concepts like "universal human rights" for those who cannot understand the concept of "responsibilities". We are more than fucked - this sort of thing is the start of the breakdown of law and order as we know it - when the general population stop believeing in the rule of law, we get the dispensing of mob justice in its place - and the mob has a habit of being a lot less tolerent of the concept of human rights

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Too old for this sort of thing...

Last week Scumbag went (willingly) to his local arena to re-live his wasted youth with a mate who also should know better

An entire evening down the front in the thick of it watching this lot

Then this lot from the margins of the pit

I am still aching a week later...

But fucking class all the same....

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Gordon Saves The World - The Ringtone

This is an odd one - apparently you can now download Gorgons "we saved the world" moment as a ringtone

Fucking hell.....

Trots will probably threaten to fuck up the post

Following my last post about those cuddle posties and their tendancy to strike in solidarity with whoever in their office has been caught nicking giros and CD's bought from amazon this week.

Turns out lord Mandelsnake of blah-di-blah is looking to flog off the post office to the private industry - about fucking time says I.

The sooner the lazy, greedy bastards in royal mail get a taste of life where they actually have to achieve a target greater than "turn out for work and try not to steal anything" the better.

Monday, 15 December 2008

Moronic teacher thinks open source is theft

This woman really needs her head examined - confiscating OS disks, claiming Linux "holds back kids" (?), threatening to "pursue charges as the law allows" for "illegal" activities, and claiming that "No software is free and spreading that misconception is harmful".

Jesus wept - where do you start re-educating a woman who makes laughable claims like "I am sure if you contacted Microsoft, they would be more than happy to supply you with copies of an older verison (sic) of Windows and that way, your computers would actually be of service to those receiving them..." No my little retard, they would tell you the old OS's are out of date and flog you a copy of vista.

Utter, utter, utter moron

H/T: The register

Trots threaten to fuck up the post (again)

surprise fucking surprise - it's a busy time of the year and another group of the brothers threaten strike action. This time it's those serial wankers at the post office who have thrown a strop over plans to relocate some depots.

What gives these workshy bastards the right to walk out and try to hold the country to randsom at the slightest change to the way they work? Could it be the fact that the commercial workers union and its fellow comrades funding makes up 80% of labours income?
Last week, Coventry MP Jim Cunningham asked the government to step in to try to head off the potential strike by arranging talks between Royal Mail, MPs and unions
And is peacemaker Jim a labour MP? By a happy coincidence he is! Fancy that! So Jim wants to ensure his friends in the unions get their way, so he gets their votes, and his bosses get their funding. Everyone's a winner, except the taxpayer who prop up the royal mail, and the customer who's hostage to the trots.

bottlefield albion?

The lady Dale has a story that McSnotty's team of electoral retards have been buying up advertising space for February 2009. Aside from the problems of getting labours core voters up from in front of their plasma screens and out to vote in the depths of winter, let us cast our minds back less than 4 weeks when the dear leader himself dismissed talk of an 09 election. Fuck me sideways he either thinks we're all as thick as his core vote or he's the biggest shameless twat since Karen chuffing Mathews.

If "Call Me Dave" is on the ball he'll go straight on the offensive and pull the same tricks he used to get Brown to bottle an autum 07 election and talk up an electio like there's no tomorow - a tenner says it'll spook the serial bottler.

Friday, 12 December 2008

Plod didn't lawfully kill a Brazillian Sparky

So, err - isn't that murder? The coroner did his best to toe the line and doubtless big-up his chances of getting a gong at the end of it, but those pesky jurors had other ideas - effectively saying that they thought the police evidence was shady - now where have we heard that before?

From the BBC:
  • Did officers shout 'armed police'? NO
  • Did Mr de Menezes move towards officers? NO
  • Did difficulty in identifying the man under surveillance lead to his death? NO
  • Did the behaviour of Mr de Menezes increasing suspicion among officers lead to his death? NO

Yet no rozzer seems to be prepared to be accountable - the appropriately named Cresidda Dick has been promoted(!) and that muppet Ian Blair was given the boot by Boris Johnson.
Those involved on the periphery also seem reluctant to call for heads to roll
Acting Met Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson said Mr de Menezes' death had been a "most terrible mistake", which he "deeply regretted".
So will you ask for resignations then Paul?

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said the death was "a profoundly shocking tragedy".
So will you be asking for resignations then Jacqui? - apparently not:
"What we have learnt from the accounts of the tragic events that day reminds us all of the extremely demanding circumstances under which the police work to protect us from further terrorist attack," she added.
So it's ok to kill someone, with no consequences, as long as the dog-whistle of "terrorist attacks" is used eh? I thought you said "if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear" Jacqui?

Yet some are even more shameless
Chief Constable Ken Jones, president of the Association of Chief Police Officers, said the officers were "breaking new ground in their determination to confront men believed to be intent on mass murder".
Or in this case shooting innocent sparkies - Tactless fucker.

I note that that odious little trot Ken Livingstone has "praised" the useless Dick woman
"Cressida Dick is one of the most talented officers I have ever worked with," he said, adding that she had an "incredible record".
Can't the newt-lover just piss off back to whatever rock he crawled out from under, stay there and keep his idiotic ideas to himself. What a twat

Congrats to the Mancs

Well done to all those in the south for sticking 2 fingers up to the bastards who want to force drivers to pay twice to use the roads - road tax then congestion charge.

Hopefully this puts the final nail in the coffin of congestion charging outside of our shitty capital - but I wouldn't put it past that twat Geoff Hoon to try somewhere else.

Aside from the fact that motorists just won't buy it, it proves once and for all that people won't accept the "pay now, get better transport later" bribe since we all know that public transport is, and will remain, crap.

But the losers seem to be a bit bitter

Lord Peter Smith, leader of the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities (AGMA), stood up and acknowledged the "very clear" will of the people and gave his reaction.

"It's a vote no to improvements on Metrolink, on railways and on buses," he began, before being drowned out by howls of derision from a handful of the victors.

What a twat.
Immediately after the result was announced, officials in the 'Yes' campaign told BBC News they were "disappointed with the voting turnout".
Ahhh bless - so lets understand your logic, there was over a 50% turnout, over half the people entitled to vote came out and kicked your batty scheme into touch. You lost by a ratio of almost 4:1 for crying out loud - that is not just a defeat - that's a fucking annihilation and no mistake - bubbling over turnout still won't help. Diddums

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Mary Mary, quite moronic

I normally steer clear of anything on the BBC's "have your say" as it tends to make the piss boil somewhat; but for some reason I strayed onto it this morning and spotted this little gem in relation to James Purnells plan to make the workshy find jobs.

i ask this question:

where does the money for benefits come from? from taxes paid by working people?

nope. the answer is from a security bond which was created when your parent signed your birth certificate, and is directly attached to your national insurance number. so when you apply for benefits, the money is created just for you

if you don't know what i'm on about you need to go do some reading

Mary, London, UK

Aside from it being worth of inclusion of spEak You're bRanes, you've got to admire Mary's ignorance of the laws of conservation of mass / matter, as well as her determination to cling to the "benefits are my right as a hooman beein', innit"

Mary, you really need to understand that there is not some mythical benefit fairy, who at the moment of your entry on the registry of births, waves a magic wand and causes a big fat pile of cash to appear in the post office vaults with "Mary's loot" written on it. This may surprise you but your benefits actually come from people like me! I pay a huge wedge of my wages every month, so the least you could do is actually acknowledge where it really comes from. There is no benefits equivalent of santa claus, no violation of the laws of physics to bring you your giro - just me an millions like me who stump up for fools like you.

So Mary, here's a thought - you need to do some reading darling - try the jobs section of the paper, look for a job with the council, they're bound to have a job for an idiot like you

Flash!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!

As seen everywhere else - Brown lets slip what the voices in his head are telling him

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Muslim sadsville

Sick of everyday life putting up with the unbeliever? Got a computer? Then why not get yourself over to Muxlim Pal - it's world of warcraft meets world of sharia with a wacky name. Create your character (elf, orc, wizard, hero etc?), give them a name and jump straight into Muxlim Pal world

You can worship the wall


or even go to a muslim gig

I am utterly bemused as to why this will have any appeal to anyone - to many it'll be the emblem of the decadent west, to most muslim kids who are into this caper it'll be utterly bobbins as there's no power up options for your level 16 warlocks (or something), and most non-muslims will wonder what the point is... Just like me....

There's a moose, loose, aboot the hoose

Noticed this last week and a posting by Obnoxio about boot faced women reminded me about this little earth shaking item:-

Apparently a beauty contest happened at the LSE. Nowt wrong with a beauty contest thinks I, we're all supposed to be living in a modern world where women can still be empowered and show a little leg at the same time (or something...) And anything to keep those student wastrels out of the bars for a while has got to be a good thing?
But the grenham common milly-tant brigade are wheeling out all the old arguments about it debasing women, sexist bastards, blah-blah-blah.

But here's a thing, while those taking part in the contest appear to scrub up well (a quick check of the daily mails site turns up a photos which I couldn't possibly link to.... Oh fuck it) , there was also a photo of the protesters in the torygraph that day, and aside from the odd fat lad hanging around hoping he might pull a minger as he's failed with everyone else, it looks like it's mostly comprised of women who've been chasing parked cars. And look, they've even got a bedsheet banner based on their socialist worker cut-out n'keep "slogans for commies" supplement. Bless.

A herd of angry moose

"Elly James, women's officer at the School of Oriental and African Studies, said: "It's like a cattle market. One of the things was that the contestants had to have their waists and breasts measured. I come from quite a rural area and that's what they do to animals."
Now I appreciate that they do things differently for example in Wales, but I spent some time out in the countryside as a kid and stayed on a farm during the summer, and never once did I see any farmer, farm hand or farm wench measuring up a sheeps waist or a pigs tittys. Maybe I was hanging round in the wrong places - but I'm sure I would have heard about it by now, the internet's not that big.

Why do they get so worked up for gods sake - I accept that somewhere out there are a few men who will be better looking, more virile and with better bodies than I; but I don't feel the need to paint slogans on my bedsheets and parade around (plus a banner with "gorgeous men fuck off" on it makes me out to be a bit gay really....)

Get a grip.

Monday, 8 December 2008

Shoesmith gets the boot

No pun intended.

Happily this sour-faced sack o'shite has now been dismissed without compo, back pay or pay in lieu of notice.


Happily since she has been sacked, she won't even get her jobseekers allowance if she signs on.
"So what sort of job are you looking for ms Shoesmith?"

The whitewash continues, democracy eroded

Scumbag notes that both Her Majesties loyal opposition and the lib dems are both now boycotting the committee to absolve Gorbels Mick of any blame for being woefully crap in a public office; and why am I not surprised?

No matter if you feel that politicians need special treatment to be able to hold the executive to account, or if (like many do) that the 646 are a bunch of self-serving bastards; they really need to have the privacy of their constituents affairs kept confidential as they address them. I have seen at least once comment on a blog from someone who complained to their MP (one Damian Green no less) about issues with their local plod, issues which are no doubt in the hands of metropolitan plod by now. By letting the rozzers go charging in, sieze everything that's in sight and bag n'tag the lot as "evidence", and then by trying to foist blame onto his incompetent deputy, Mick has proved that he's not fit to organise the proverbial piss-up in a brewery, and hasn't the guts to stand up and accept the buck stops with him - a total coward and a complete tool.

The labour party is a tribal beast, and when they see an attack against one of their own, they close ranks to protect the accused. Just like Hutton, cash for peerages etc, this will now go down as another whitewash. Lets not forget that Mick did MP's a favour when he drummed out the parliamentary standards commissioner who was just a little to keen to look into Labour MP's shady affairs - one good turn deserves another, so the party will watch Mr Speakers back in return.
But while we're on the subject of the hon member for Glasgow North East, lets re-cap on a few of his recent highlights in the job: -
  • Has claimed £12,500 per year for the past 6 years (yep - that's 75 grand if I can count right) as an "additional costs allowance for his mortgage-free house in Glasgow (despite living in some very plush digs above the commons)
  • Uses air-miles accrued from official business jaunts on taking his family on holidays, bless
  • lets his wife (an unelected and unaccountable person) blow 4 grand on taxis around London while shopping in 1 year, but legitamising it by conveniently picking up some nibbles and pop for the state functions she was doing the cooking for.
Mick will sit tight, ride it out and probably have the brass balls to reapply for the job as has been mooted in the press.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Welcome to Morpeth, it's shite

For those of you who aren't familiar with the north east of our septic isle, allow me to introduce you to Morpeth, north of Newcastle, just off the A1 at around the point where it degrades from dual carriageway to rutted track.

Morpeth has the distinction of being a place where noting ever happens what so ever - which gives rise to the phrase "duller than morpeth on a wet Sunday afternoon"; however it's notable points include the little gem that 57% of those who live there are employed by the state; its parent authority has pissed lots of taxes up the wall in Icelandic savings accounts, and it can't even get paying out council tax benefit right. Morpeth council therefore has enough time on its hands and enough bodies to now start policing the sale of parsnips by yokels.
Officials from Northumberland County Council told him the parsnips, spinach and leeks grown in his walled garden should be sold by metric weight, following EU rules, and sent him four pages of guidance.
So Morpeth council has solved all it's problems (highlights of the last audit commission reports include: - Strategic Housing Services - Poor; Housing maintenance - Poor; information technology, receptoin & telephone services - Poor) and can now turn its attention to ensuring vegetable honesty boxes comply with the latest rules as handed down by the morons in Brussels. The fuckers are so backward they can't even build a basic web page for complaints and I'm not spending the price of a stamp to tell them they're a bunch of tossers.

Country. Dogs. Gone. To

I am informed that the metric morons were in fact from Northumberland Council. This is true, and I can't read the quotes I use properly, but then I am a northerner.

Morpeth however remains shite

The white flag

It appears that Labour MP and regular target of the libertarian massive has raised the white flag, indirectly admitted she doesn't want certain people on her blog, and will be censoring debate

Well done Kerry, you've demonstrated that like most in zanulabor, you are only in favour of dialogue if it's a) one way (can we guess in which direction children?) or b) massaging their ego's. You have lost the argument well and truly; comment moderation is not there to be used to stop certain people posting full stop, it's there to moderate comments if the tone may be considered offensive, racist or just a bit off key (unlike the BBC have your say which is as we all know is ideologically opposed to anything that deviates from the labour party line). Comment moderation is not there as a tool to clamp down on debate and exclude. If you openly admit that you don't want certain people on your blog then why even blog? Just run a website full of pronouncements and statements, with a couple of quotes from tame zombies to support you.

Forget sending her another copy of 1984, I plan to send her this

To replace the one she lost

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Gorgon manages to still look limp while the dark continent gets even darker

Fuck me sideways, the dear leader has come out and reiterated his position - Uncle Bob Mugabe is a very bad man. Meanwhile those tree-huggers in the lib dems have decided that it's time to make war not love.

Christ on a fucking cross, how limp wristed do you end up being made out to be a peacenick by the lib fucking dems? Gorgon Brown (who lets not forget showed his enthusiasm for explosions signed off the spending for such peace camps as bombing Yugoslavia, Invading Afghanistan, and then the slow death that's been Iraq), can only manage a repeat condemnation of uncle Bob, while Nick Clegg plumps for cock-waving and sabre rattling.
Admittedly since there's little chance of Clegg ever getting near the reins of power, they can pretty much threaten to deploy what they want against whoever they want; but once again the dear leader manages to stride the world stage with all the authority of a youth worker in a skatepark.

No matter what Gorgon says, it will matter not a jot. We pump billions into Africa, for it to be hoovered up by the corrupt, self serving ruling classes, to spend on cars, gold plated AK-47's and mutual back-slapping conferences. Africa will not change, ever. It sits on massive mineral wealth, which it pisses up the wall or deposits into Swiss bank accounts as a backup plan for the inevitable day when the head of your armed forces (or the deputy head of the armed forces of you happen to be a military man yourself) decides it's time for a bit of regime change and you have to make a swift exit for the airport. Uncle Bob is still a hero in the African leaders club, and no amount of murder, violence, chaos, famine and disease will make Bobs peers review their support for him.

But I digress, back to the gorgon. While it appears that even men of god like the arch-bish of York are calling for revolution, Brown continues to dither and can't even bring himself to call for uncle Bob to go
"Mr Brown did not explicitly call for Mr Mugabe to step down"
Eactly how did this man even manage to coordinate such an effective campaign to oust Blair? He can't even bring himself to condemn the biggest bastard Africa currently has in the shop window. He should offer him his full support and maybe have a photo op with him - he'd be overrun by screaming tribesmen with machetes and arsenal tops inside of a fortnight.

Friday, 5 December 2008

I don't know which is worse...

The fuckers who raped her or the spineless bastards who ignored a 14 year old kid being snatched by a gang of 9 vile sub-humans.

She was told she should be raped for insulting their leader's girlfriend, and they laughed as they took turns

At some point in the years since I disembarked from the education system, they've obviously stopped teaching any sort of moral based education, since a group of 13-16 year olds think it's acceptable to rape a minor for "dissin' mi bitch, innit". These bastards deserve no mercy whatsoever when they get dropped off for a stretch in one of our fine holiday camps prisons.However, as we all know, since the legal system is run by the usual bleeding hearts apologists, they'll get 2 years at a young offenders institute, a new identity, benefits for life and 5 years counceling for the trauma of being held to account for something.

Having said all that, there's got to be a little bit of utter, complete, revulsion reserved for the spineless bastards who turned the other cheek as a young girl gets dragged off by a gang and raped.
As far as I'm concerned that's my fill of this country and plods lack of ability to keep it safe while the public closes its eyes to the evils perpetrated by the gaggles of feral youth every day of the week. I'm looking for a shotgun.

Gorbals Mick's Days Are Numbered

As has often been commented on elsewhere, Gorgon Broon has exerted a reverse Midas touch wherever he goes - note the floods and outbreaks of disease shortly after he bullied his way into office, his piss poor record of being on the winning side when attending sporting events, and his ability to bring a dead albatross to any party (Scumbag almost put a tenner on McCain to win in the former colonies when he heard Broon has backed Obama).

So the news that Snotty has given Speaker Mick his full confidence since he threw one of his staff overboard to save his own chubby neck means that his days must surely be numbered.
I've got a great deal of confidence in the Speaker. He's got a very difficult job and he tries to do it, and does it, to the best of his ability.
Fuck me sideways - Mick may as well pack his bags now and get the hell over to mingle with the Vermine In Ermin now where he can get in some quality eating and sleeping time.
Having said that the useless bastard will probably cling on till the death....

A nice pristine blog to fuck up

Well, since every other self opinionated bastard out there has now decided that they're riding the wave of user generated content and "nu-meeja" and therefore have a right to entertain tens of webmongs with their embittered diatribes, I figured I'd get in on the act and share the bitterness.

So what will be revealed here?

Probably sweet FA - but along there way there'll doubtless be some ranting, cynicism, sniping and a fanatical hatred of those currently bringing our sceptic isle to its knees.

But no matter how piss poor this blog will be, at least I'm not as sad as that fucking retarded geordie dancer