Tuesday, 30 December 2008

A Great Week for The "Beautiful Game"

After a surprisingly quiet build up to the festive period where by some miracle there were no cases of Christmas party roasting for the first time in many a year; football obviously had some catching up to do.

Thus we have exhibit A - a first division player who:
is understood to have been the driver of a black Mercedes CLC 180 sport car which was in collision with Mr Mohamed's Ford Galaxy on the southbound carriageway at Junction 19.

A Leicestershire Police spokesman said Mr Mohamed sustained serious injuries and was taken by air ambulance to the Walsgrave Hospital in Coventry.

He said: "The injured man died at 1615 GMT on Friday, 26 December

Exhibit B is that chirpy Scouse Steven Gerrard (MBE none-the-less), who has been charged following some bloke getting glassed in a bar.
In a statement, a Merseyside Police spokesman said: "Merseyside Police has charged Steven Gerrard, 28 years, of Formby, Sefton, John Doran, 29, and Ian Smith, 19 years, both from Huyton, Liverpool, with assault occasioning actual bodily harm and affray following an incident at Bold Street in Southport in the early hours of Monday, December 29."

Legally speaking neither of these 2 have been found guilty of anything, so I will refrain from commenting further just yet. But it looks like it's back to business as usual for planet football.


Update: -
A "free Steven Gerrard" site has sprung up where people can leave messages of support for him, highlights include:
  • Lock him up with Michael Shields
  • Liverpool fans are scum, half of them are Irish
  • Shit!! I thought this was the free Ian Huntley site! Never mind....
  • Don’t worry Stevie, we’ll threaten the judge for you.
Also this bunch of shitehawks have already started pushing "free Stevie" clothing, including the fetching thong

Fucking money-grabbing Scouse twats


The Screech said...

I noticed about three quarters of the way through the Sun article you linked to that it was stated that there were no "wives or girlfriends" at the bash. Does this mean, in these days of sensationalism and acronymism, that we are no longer to call them "WAGS"? :-D

The Scumbag said...

The term "tarts" probably applies. Unless it's possible to attribute another description to what amounts to hired skirt brought in to make the party go with a swing - with the added bonus that if they do manage to end up warming a players bed that night they can flog the details to the tabloids.