Monday, 8 December 2008

The whitewash continues, democracy eroded

Scumbag notes that both Her Majesties loyal opposition and the lib dems are both now boycotting the committee to absolve Gorbels Mick of any blame for being woefully crap in a public office; and why am I not surprised?

No matter if you feel that politicians need special treatment to be able to hold the executive to account, or if (like many do) that the 646 are a bunch of self-serving bastards; they really need to have the privacy of their constituents affairs kept confidential as they address them. I have seen at least once comment on a blog from someone who complained to their MP (one Damian Green no less) about issues with their local plod, issues which are no doubt in the hands of metropolitan plod by now. By letting the rozzers go charging in, sieze everything that's in sight and bag n'tag the lot as "evidence", and then by trying to foist blame onto his incompetent deputy, Mick has proved that he's not fit to organise the proverbial piss-up in a brewery, and hasn't the guts to stand up and accept the buck stops with him - a total coward and a complete tool.

The labour party is a tribal beast, and when they see an attack against one of their own, they close ranks to protect the accused. Just like Hutton, cash for peerages etc, this will now go down as another whitewash. Lets not forget that Mick did MP's a favour when he drummed out the parliamentary standards commissioner who was just a little to keen to look into Labour MP's shady affairs - one good turn deserves another, so the party will watch Mr Speakers back in return.
But while we're on the subject of the hon member for Glasgow North East, lets re-cap on a few of his recent highlights in the job: -
  • Has claimed £12,500 per year for the past 6 years (yep - that's 75 grand if I can count right) as an "additional costs allowance for his mortgage-free house in Glasgow (despite living in some very plush digs above the commons)
  • Uses air-miles accrued from official business jaunts on taking his family on holidays, bless
  • lets his wife (an unelected and unaccountable person) blow 4 grand on taxis around London while shopping in 1 year, but legitamising it by conveniently picking up some nibbles and pop for the state functions she was doing the cooking for.
Mick will sit tight, ride it out and probably have the brass balls to reapply for the job as has been mooted in the press.

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