Friday, 12 December 2008

Plod didn't lawfully kill a Brazillian Sparky

So, err - isn't that murder? The coroner did his best to toe the line and doubtless big-up his chances of getting a gong at the end of it, but those pesky jurors had other ideas - effectively saying that they thought the police evidence was shady - now where have we heard that before?

From the BBC:
  • Did officers shout 'armed police'? NO
  • Did Mr de Menezes move towards officers? NO
  • Did difficulty in identifying the man under surveillance lead to his death? NO
  • Did the behaviour of Mr de Menezes increasing suspicion among officers lead to his death? NO

Yet no rozzer seems to be prepared to be accountable - the appropriately named Cresidda Dick has been promoted(!) and that muppet Ian Blair was given the boot by Boris Johnson.
Those involved on the periphery also seem reluctant to call for heads to roll
Acting Met Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson said Mr de Menezes' death had been a "most terrible mistake", which he "deeply regretted".
So will you ask for resignations then Paul?

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said the death was "a profoundly shocking tragedy".
So will you be asking for resignations then Jacqui? - apparently not:
"What we have learnt from the accounts of the tragic events that day reminds us all of the extremely demanding circumstances under which the police work to protect us from further terrorist attack," she added.
So it's ok to kill someone, with no consequences, as long as the dog-whistle of "terrorist attacks" is used eh? I thought you said "if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear" Jacqui?

Yet some are even more shameless
Chief Constable Ken Jones, president of the Association of Chief Police Officers, said the officers were "breaking new ground in their determination to confront men believed to be intent on mass murder".
Or in this case shooting innocent sparkies - Tactless fucker.

I note that that odious little trot Ken Livingstone has "praised" the useless Dick woman
"Cressida Dick is one of the most talented officers I have ever worked with," he said, adding that she had an "incredible record".
Can't the newt-lover just piss off back to whatever rock he crawled out from under, stay there and keep his idiotic ideas to himself. What a twat

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