Friday, 12 December 2008

Congrats to the Mancs

Well done to all those in the south for sticking 2 fingers up to the bastards who want to force drivers to pay twice to use the roads - road tax then congestion charge.

Hopefully this puts the final nail in the coffin of congestion charging outside of our shitty capital - but I wouldn't put it past that twat Geoff Hoon to try somewhere else.

Aside from the fact that motorists just won't buy it, it proves once and for all that people won't accept the "pay now, get better transport later" bribe since we all know that public transport is, and will remain, crap.

But the losers seem to be a bit bitter

Lord Peter Smith, leader of the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities (AGMA), stood up and acknowledged the "very clear" will of the people and gave his reaction.

"It's a vote no to improvements on Metrolink, on railways and on buses," he began, before being drowned out by howls of derision from a handful of the victors.

What a twat.
Immediately after the result was announced, officials in the 'Yes' campaign told BBC News they were "disappointed with the voting turnout".
Ahhh bless - so lets understand your logic, there was over a 50% turnout, over half the people entitled to vote came out and kicked your batty scheme into touch. You lost by a ratio of almost 4:1 for crying out loud - that is not just a defeat - that's a fucking annihilation and no mistake - bubbling over turnout still won't help. Diddums

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Bog roll said...

This deluded bitch thinks they lost because people didn't understand their arguments

"Even after a big public information campaign, the basic facts of the proposed scheme just didn't get through. It was a complex set of proposals, which were not readily understood"