Saturday, 6 December 2008

Gorgon manages to still look limp while the dark continent gets even darker

Fuck me sideways, the dear leader has come out and reiterated his position - Uncle Bob Mugabe is a very bad man. Meanwhile those tree-huggers in the lib dems have decided that it's time to make war not love.

Christ on a fucking cross, how limp wristed do you end up being made out to be a peacenick by the lib fucking dems? Gorgon Brown (who lets not forget showed his enthusiasm for explosions signed off the spending for such peace camps as bombing Yugoslavia, Invading Afghanistan, and then the slow death that's been Iraq), can only manage a repeat condemnation of uncle Bob, while Nick Clegg plumps for cock-waving and sabre rattling.
Admittedly since there's little chance of Clegg ever getting near the reins of power, they can pretty much threaten to deploy what they want against whoever they want; but once again the dear leader manages to stride the world stage with all the authority of a youth worker in a skatepark.

No matter what Gorgon says, it will matter not a jot. We pump billions into Africa, for it to be hoovered up by the corrupt, self serving ruling classes, to spend on cars, gold plated AK-47's and mutual back-slapping conferences. Africa will not change, ever. It sits on massive mineral wealth, which it pisses up the wall or deposits into Swiss bank accounts as a backup plan for the inevitable day when the head of your armed forces (or the deputy head of the armed forces of you happen to be a military man yourself) decides it's time for a bit of regime change and you have to make a swift exit for the airport. Uncle Bob is still a hero in the African leaders club, and no amount of murder, violence, chaos, famine and disease will make Bobs peers review their support for him.

But I digress, back to the gorgon. While it appears that even men of god like the arch-bish of York are calling for revolution, Brown continues to dither and can't even bring himself to call for uncle Bob to go
"Mr Brown did not explicitly call for Mr Mugabe to step down"
Eactly how did this man even manage to coordinate such an effective campaign to oust Blair? He can't even bring himself to condemn the biggest bastard Africa currently has in the shop window. He should offer him his full support and maybe have a photo op with him - he'd be overrun by screaming tribesmen with machetes and arsenal tops inside of a fortnight.

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