Sunday, 28 December 2008

Bitch takes troughing to new heights

There is taking the biscuit, and there is taking the fucking biscuit: -

Spotted over on the Ranting Penguin's rather fine blog:
some ginger cunt working in Council Housing in Norwich took it upon herself to have a load of pensioners evicted from their bungalows in anticipation of a redevelopment scheduled for a long time hence, and then to "save money" on security to prevent squatters and vandals, promptly moved into one of the bungalows herself, with another senior housing department official on a peppercorn rent. And so did a load of her colleagues.
Fucking hell, Uncle Bob Mugabe himself would be proud of her - and RP is right - she's so ginger it's Mick Hucknall with a floral handbag

The Times also mentions that:
Ms Reeves... .... lectures at national housing conferences on her specialist topic of “sub-regional excellence”
Living the values of excellence are we Kristine? Christ, she's even trying to jargonise the eviction process describing it as "decanting" the residents. What a fucking shameless, corrupt bitch.

But it's ok, despite being a complete twat, it's all ok because she's being green as she evicts old grannies
Asked what would happen to the carved wooden benches on the green where residents used to rest, and the flower boxes dedicated to the Queen’s Golden Jubilee, she said: “We are going to recycle as much as we can.”
So all is forgiven.

Happily though she's been suspended, but in the meantime if you want to send her an e-mail for her bosses to read then this document here from the organisation that she used to chair (regional homelessness advisory panel) lists her e-mail as - send her a mail, I will be.

Update: -
Tractor Stats uncovers latest Norwich council housing department PR photos - genius


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