Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Good - more please

Fresh from the BBC comes the heart rendering news that crims on community service wearing hi-vis vests have suffered "abuse" while cleaning graffiti and whatnot.

Ahhhhh - bless. Poor ickle crims being picked on are we??? Feeling suitably shamed and victimised are we?? Never mind - possibly consider this next time you feel it's appropriate to knock a granny to the ground and steal her handbag.
In one area a group of youths shouted "nonces, smackheads, lowlifes" at a work group, in another offenders were sworn at and in a third case cans were thrown
Class... And I thought that the observation skills of modern youth has diminished - maybe I was wrong.

In fact the only addition I'd make is to put the words "Big" and "Gay" before "Community payback". And maybe make the vests glittery for good measure. Then watch these fuckers wear it as a badge of pride like those useless asbos


Fidothedog said...

Good stuff, rather than bleating about it they should think:

"Maybe if I don't do the crime I will not get the abuse"

Then the problem will be resolved.

Tractor Stats said...

I've got one on the streets near me and I use the supermarket waste to lob at the Bitch every day.

The Screech said...

Bloody good enough for them, but unfortunately, as it says it was a group of youths throwning abuse and stuff at them, exactly the same kind of youths who will end up wearing these vests. What we need is a few upright citizens to do the same then we can sit back with some kind of smug satisfaction. Bring back the stocks i say.

The Scumbag said...

There's a certain glorious element of circular justice within the notion that those doing the abusing will in all likelihood end up donning the orange vest of justice - I approve of it