Sunday, 21 December 2008

Career limiting moves

This little fat fucker, one Bob Quick, who bears more than a passing resemblance to Alf from Home & Away, has decided to commit what is sure to be career suicide and chuck his bricks out of the pram over a newspaper article

Fat Alf is in charge of hounding Damian Green over some home office leaks, and as a result he has become a lot more high profile. The daily mail has since run a story saying his missus runs some sort of taxi company from the marital home, which has led to fat Alf going all Black helicopters and saying the tories are out to nobble him.

Jesus wept - just what we need, another plod who's more paranoid than your average dope smoker.... Fucking genius. But at least he's come out and displayed that the rozzers at a a high level are all political bastards toadying up to their political paymasters in the hope of patronage

But he's obviously a bit of a divvy, because all this hissy-fit means is that when the tories get into power, Fat Alf will have all the career prospects of Ian Huntley. But at least he might be able to get a job driving taxis.


Tractor Stats said...

The whole ruling class of this country appear to be so corrupt I'd guess their total theft of tax payers money would out weigh that of all the country's petty criminals damage to society. I think the Greeks have the right idea their riot is still in progress. I think it will come to that here only far, far worse.

Lord Merkin said...

Apparently it is not theft when the bastards dress it up as taxation though.

But it _is_ criminal the stupid things it gets wasted on -

The Scumbag said...

I hadn't realised the Greek kiddies were still rioting until now - Just Checked and apparently they're reduced to burning christmas trees... At least it's festive

Fidothedog said...

Maybe he has balled up his police career but look at all the free publicity he has got for his wifes taxi firm.