Sunday, 7 December 2008

The white flag

It appears that Labour MP and regular target of the libertarian massive has raised the white flag, indirectly admitted she doesn't want certain people on her blog, and will be censoring debate

Well done Kerry, you've demonstrated that like most in zanulabor, you are only in favour of dialogue if it's a) one way (can we guess in which direction children?) or b) massaging their ego's. You have lost the argument well and truly; comment moderation is not there to be used to stop certain people posting full stop, it's there to moderate comments if the tone may be considered offensive, racist or just a bit off key (unlike the BBC have your say which is as we all know is ideologically opposed to anything that deviates from the labour party line). Comment moderation is not there as a tool to clamp down on debate and exclude. If you openly admit that you don't want certain people on your blog then why even blog? Just run a website full of pronouncements and statements, with a couple of quotes from tame zombies to support you.

Forget sending her another copy of 1984, I plan to send her this

To replace the one she lost

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