Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Drunk In Charge of a Baby

These two vile specimens, Mark and Petra Tyler of Reindeer Street, Mansfield, have just been given a slap on the wrist for taking their 4 month old sprog out on a 7 hour piss-up.
The child was described by police as hungry and had a filthy bottle filled with sour milk in his pushchair.
Poor kid is probably lucky it didn't have a bottle full of wife-beater for sustenance.

As this photo shows they are full of remorse for their actions and a 2 year community order and a 60 quid fine (doubtless payable at some laughable rate like £2 per week) seems entirely appropriate.

Look in the dictionary for a definition of "Remorse"
- You'll find this photo

I can't find any information on what sort (if any) community service they'll have to do, but I doubt they'll get a lovely orange hi-viz jacket as it'll violate their human rights or some such nonsense. But on the off-chance anyone happens to be in Mark and Petra's neck of the woods and sees a bald ugly bloke and a fat bottle blonde in a shell-suit wearing a hi-viz, be sure to chuck a can or 2 at them.

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