Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Mary Mary, quite moronic

I normally steer clear of anything on the BBC's "have your say" as it tends to make the piss boil somewhat; but for some reason I strayed onto it this morning and spotted this little gem in relation to James Purnells plan to make the workshy find jobs.

i ask this question:

where does the money for benefits come from? from taxes paid by working people?

nope. the answer is from a security bond which was created when your parent signed your birth certificate, and is directly attached to your national insurance number. so when you apply for benefits, the money is created just for you

if you don't know what i'm on about you need to go do some reading

Mary, London, UK

Aside from it being worth of inclusion of spEak You're bRanes, you've got to admire Mary's ignorance of the laws of conservation of mass / matter, as well as her determination to cling to the "benefits are my right as a hooman beein', innit"

Mary, you really need to understand that there is not some mythical benefit fairy, who at the moment of your entry on the registry of births, waves a magic wand and causes a big fat pile of cash to appear in the post office vaults with "Mary's loot" written on it. This may surprise you but your benefits actually come from people like me! I pay a huge wedge of my wages every month, so the least you could do is actually acknowledge where it really comes from. There is no benefits equivalent of santa claus, no violation of the laws of physics to bring you your giro - just me an millions like me who stump up for fools like you.

So Mary, here's a thought - you need to do some reading darling - try the jobs section of the paper, look for a job with the council, they're bound to have a job for an idiot like you

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