Saturday, 20 December 2008

Dogs: - Gone to.....

If we ever needed proof that as a nation we are completely fucked, then this little gem of a story is another star witness in the case for the prosecution.
Thousands of the worst rapists and paedophiles can now seek to be taken off the sex offenders' register to protect their human rights.
It appears that 3 high court judges in their infinite wisdom have decided that nonces, rapists and other deviants have the right to challenge plods ability to keep tabs on them, and doubtless when they do some rat-faced weasel of a lawyer on the legal aid shilling will be able to convince a judge that it's against a nonces right to be prevented from living near a school.
So who are these brave upholders of the rights of nonces?
Lord Justice Latham, Mr Justice Underhill and Mr Justice Flaux
I was going to go off on some rant about how I hoped that these mongs get a nasty dose of karma down a darken alley; but I really can't work up the necessary head of steam after the week I've had. This country is utterly fucked as long as we stay beholden to idiot concepts like "universal human rights" for those who cannot understand the concept of "responsibilities". We are more than fucked - this sort of thing is the start of the breakdown of law and order as we know it - when the general population stop believeing in the rule of law, we get the dispensing of mob justice in its place - and the mob has a habit of being a lot less tolerent of the concept of human rights

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