Friday, 5 December 2008

I don't know which is worse...

The fuckers who raped her or the spineless bastards who ignored a 14 year old kid being snatched by a gang of 9 vile sub-humans.

She was told she should be raped for insulting their leader's girlfriend, and they laughed as they took turns

At some point in the years since I disembarked from the education system, they've obviously stopped teaching any sort of moral based education, since a group of 13-16 year olds think it's acceptable to rape a minor for "dissin' mi bitch, innit". These bastards deserve no mercy whatsoever when they get dropped off for a stretch in one of our fine holiday camps prisons.However, as we all know, since the legal system is run by the usual bleeding hearts apologists, they'll get 2 years at a young offenders institute, a new identity, benefits for life and 5 years counceling for the trauma of being held to account for something.

Having said all that, there's got to be a little bit of utter, complete, revulsion reserved for the spineless bastards who turned the other cheek as a young girl gets dragged off by a gang and raped.
As far as I'm concerned that's my fill of this country and plods lack of ability to keep it safe while the public closes its eyes to the evils perpetrated by the gaggles of feral youth every day of the week. I'm looking for a shotgun.

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