Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Muslim sadsville

Sick of everyday life putting up with the unbeliever? Got a computer? Then why not get yourself over to Muxlim Pal - it's world of warcraft meets world of sharia with a wacky name. Create your character (elf, orc, wizard, hero etc?), give them a name and jump straight into Muxlim Pal world

You can worship the wall


or even go to a muslim gig

I am utterly bemused as to why this will have any appeal to anyone - to many it'll be the emblem of the decadent west, to most muslim kids who are into this caper it'll be utterly bobbins as there's no power up options for your level 16 warlocks (or something), and most non-muslims will wonder what the point is... Just like me....

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