Monday, 15 December 2008

Trots threaten to fuck up the post (again)

surprise fucking surprise - it's a busy time of the year and another group of the brothers threaten strike action. This time it's those serial wankers at the post office who have thrown a strop over plans to relocate some depots.

What gives these workshy bastards the right to walk out and try to hold the country to randsom at the slightest change to the way they work? Could it be the fact that the commercial workers union and its fellow comrades funding makes up 80% of labours income?
Last week, Coventry MP Jim Cunningham asked the government to step in to try to head off the potential strike by arranging talks between Royal Mail, MPs and unions
And is peacemaker Jim a labour MP? By a happy coincidence he is! Fancy that! So Jim wants to ensure his friends in the unions get their way, so he gets their votes, and his bosses get their funding. Everyone's a winner, except the taxpayer who prop up the royal mail, and the customer who's hostage to the trots.

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