Monday, 15 December 2008

bottlefield albion?

The lady Dale has a story that McSnotty's team of electoral retards have been buying up advertising space for February 2009. Aside from the problems of getting labours core voters up from in front of their plasma screens and out to vote in the depths of winter, let us cast our minds back less than 4 weeks when the dear leader himself dismissed talk of an 09 election. Fuck me sideways he either thinks we're all as thick as his core vote or he's the biggest shameless twat since Karen chuffing Mathews.

If "Call Me Dave" is on the ball he'll go straight on the offensive and pull the same tricks he used to get Brown to bottle an autum 07 election and talk up an electio like there's no tomorow - a tenner says it'll spook the serial bottler.

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