Friday, 5 December 2008

Gorbals Mick's Days Are Numbered

As has often been commented on elsewhere, Gorgon Broon has exerted a reverse Midas touch wherever he goes - note the floods and outbreaks of disease shortly after he bullied his way into office, his piss poor record of being on the winning side when attending sporting events, and his ability to bring a dead albatross to any party (Scumbag almost put a tenner on McCain to win in the former colonies when he heard Broon has backed Obama).

So the news that Snotty has given Speaker Mick his full confidence since he threw one of his staff overboard to save his own chubby neck means that his days must surely be numbered.
I've got a great deal of confidence in the Speaker. He's got a very difficult job and he tries to do it, and does it, to the best of his ability.
Fuck me sideways - Mick may as well pack his bags now and get the hell over to mingle with the Vermine In Ermin now where he can get in some quality eating and sleeping time.
Having said that the useless bastard will probably cling on till the death....

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