Thursday, 12 March 2009

With apologies to Obnoxio The Clown....

I'm going to steal his letter because....

Students have ended their occupation of part of Newcastle University over the plight of Palestinians in Gaza

according to the BBC - problem was that this earth shattering event hadn't even made it outside the university walls (my better half works there and hadn't heard a thing about it).

The students called for a public condemnation of recent Israeli attacks in the region.

A spokesman for the demonstrators said: "The occupation itself has ended at this point because we have been promised that the necessary steps will be taken immediately for our demands to be realised.

"We have no guarantee that our demands will be met, but are confident that the appropriate people will be present at these talks to continue our campaign effectively
What a bunch of naive idealistic morons. I assume they ended the protest when someone called their parents

So Obnoxio's sample letter (reproduced here for all to glory in) is now winging it's way to the inbox of Miss Irene Brown the Head of Fine Art (which I assume is little trinkets and pottery based on this photo)

Dear Miss Brown,

I believe a bunch of posturing idiots have occupied university property in some kind of deranged attempt to attract attention to the Gaza crisis, because, of course, it hasn't dominated the news sufficiently.

Well, I'd like to say that as a taxpayer, I hope you will sling these pompous, overweening fuckwits out on the street as soon as possible. Failing which, if you would care to place them in stocks on the front steps so that we can all come round and throw rotten fruit, eggs and jagged boulders at them for wasting our money, not only on the subsidies we give them, but on the subsidies we give to people who want to study but now cannot.

Since I'm sure that in this limp-wristed age of pandering to the idiotic there will be no such option available to you, I can only offer my fervent hope that all these cunts simultaneously contract face cancer and die lingering deaths.

Yours, etc.

As my old history teacher once said - it's not plagarism if you quote your sources....

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