Tuesday, 21 April 2009

"I thought I told him to be a Pilot!!!"

Oh dear, poor Mrs Wale Abdul Kadhir Muse thinks her son is just an innocent little boy who (probably) "never hurt no-one and never done nuffing".
Her son, poor Abde Wale Abdul Kadhir Muse (who is apparently only a child, yet apparently m,an enough to hang around wth a bung of pirates on a boat and wave round an AK47 demanding a ransom), was the only one to survive the yanks anti-piracy efforts earlier this month, and is now in New York on piracy charges (the yanks obviously having a more rubust view of dealing with them than the Dutch

Mrs Muse is now appealing to the whitehouse for her son's freedom (and a free ticket to America to be with him, where she will doubtless dissapear within a month.

I hope they hang the bastard from the nearest yardarm


Rab C. Nesbitt said...

I wonder what would have happened if the Royal Navy captured the bastard and he ended up in London, 'awaiting trial'.

The Scumbag said...

Pretty sure the navy have a current policy of "give them a cup of tea, a nice bit of cake, then let them on their way (posibly with a "visit England" leaflet Rab.

Useless Hoons

The Penguin said...

They should have put a nine mill through his head and dropped the cunt over the side to feed the fishes.

The Penguin