Thursday, 9 April 2009

One rule for knacker...

Some years ago, a mate of mine was living in rented accommodation with some other mates. They had a problem with some aspect of the house so called in the landlord, who being a typical example of the breed was a cheapskate fuck didn't want to fix the problem. A heated argument broke out, words were exchanged; and the landlord left.

15 minutes later he dropped dead of a heart attack.

The landlords son, who was as big a fucker, phones the police and claimed that my mate pushed his father over, and suggested that this caused the heart attack.
Inspector knacker promptly went round to the flat, arrested him for murder and carted him off for questioning. 6 hours later after his flatmates gave statements demonstrating that he went nowhere near the landlord, he was released and sent on his way. Once in a while we remember about this, most recently at his wedding when his blushing bride did not look at all happy when the first she ever heard of it was during the best mans speech... But anyway.

Contrast this with the efforts of inspector knacker in London. In London a man walking away from a group of tooled up, masked thugs with attack dogs (and lets not forget that apparently the knacker is question was a member of a TSG team, TSG generally having a reputation for being prone to "baton first, arrest second, rough up in the van third" behavior), was attacked from behind with a baton, then pushed to the floor and left lying on the ground for passers by to help.
So what do knacker do?
They acknowledge that Mr Tomlinson came "into contact with police"before he died, and taken the TSG thug in for a nice chat and a "compare notebooks" session with the rozzers watchdog.

This quote is a fucking corker from the met spokesman
"A total of four officers, inclusive of this officer, have now come forward with potentially relevant information in relation to the investigation into the death of Mr Tomlinson."
What the spokesman should have added was
After they had a nice long week or so to compare notebooks and make sure their stories all matched.

So if you're an average bloke and it's alleged you pushed someone over who then died, you get arrested for murder. If you're a rozzer and you do the same you get an easy ride and anonymity.The fucker hasn't even been suspended pending an investigation.


Screech said...

fucking yellow cowards weren't man enough to face a crowd of real protesters so they thought they would be "big" and pick on one innocent bloke. Bastards (them and the government ) have shown their true colours over this last week.

The Penguin said...

Do they not consider the public realtions disaster this has been for the plod? Next they'll be appealing for the public to support them...

The Penguin

Lexander said...

They have come unstuck yet again on this one. There was no need at all to bully this guy. The copper has got to be sacked and maybe sued by the family. We want tough but fair police.