Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Sir Humphrey rips off shite BBC concept

This made me laugh:

Apparently in a July it's the event of the season for mini-Sir Humphs, as hundreds of bowler hatted types gather at the London olympia to rub grades and compare blackberrys.

In what looks like a sop to the lower ranks, the organisers have teamed up with Ernst & Young (who doubtless have charged a considerable fee) and produced the laughably named "Lions' Lair"

Sound familiar?

So what's it all about then?

If you have an innovative idea you believe could help transform the Civil Service, however large or small, then Lions’ Lair is a unique opportunity to have it heard by senior government and industry experts.

  • Do you have an idea that embraces one of Sir Gus O’Donnell’s four Civil Service priorities, could it promote sustainability, skills, diversity or wellbeing amongst your colleagues?
  • Does your idea demonstrate pride, pace, professionalism and passion?

This bit is a corker
Similar to a popular TV show
Really?? Fuck me Holmes! I thought I'd heard of it somewhere....

And who do we have as the "Lions" in the Lair?
  • Peter Jones, CBE - Entrepreneur, National Enterprise Academy founder and TV Dragon (doubtless on a hefty fee and available for shamless format rip-offs)
  • Helen Ghosh - Permanent Secretary, Defra (Sir Humphry)
  • David Bell - Permanent Secretary, DCSF (Sir Humphry)
  • Robin Tye - Head of Government Services, Ernst & Young (the sponsor, doubtless keen to rub shoulders with the Sir Humphs in the pursuit of future contracts)
  • Dame Gill Morgan - Permanent Secretary, Welsh Assembly Government (Sir Humphry)
  • Lin Homer - Chief Executive, UK Border Agency (Sir Humphry)
All together now Lions': -
Funny thing is that they've put the entry form on the internet so any old Tom, Dick or Blogger can now submit their ideas for how the civil service can promote sustainability, skills, diversity or wellbeing; or demonstrate pride, pace, professionalism and passion.



Lexander said...

Used to have a close friend who was a pr with Ernst and Young. Knot a bit more than most about their tactics. Pity some of the "quality" they boast of in their motto did not come out in the auditing of banks, etc., involved in the "crash".

Lexander said...

woops...meant KNOW

The Scumbag said...

weren't E&Y one of the groups that bought up a substantial chunk of Aurthur Anderson when it went tits up post-enron?

Explains a lot if they were

The Penguin said...

They'll doubtless be hearing from m'learned friends soon about class actions by investors peeved about losing shed loads of money in banks with clean audit opinions.

As for "Lions Lair", I have an idea! How about the Civil Service get back to being the administration rather than being apologists for politicians?

The Penguin