Monday, 2 February 2009

BNP on the up...

While attempting to throw abuse at Newcastle Council over the lack of road gritting (as per fucking usual - sackless bastards) I stumbled across this little factoid on the councils website

Byelection Results for Fenham Ward - 29 January 2009

Mitzi Emery (Lib-Dem) 1049
Helen McStravick (Lab) 1025
Ken Booth (BNP) 836
Sarah Armstrong (Con) 186

So the Tories got thrashed, the useless fuckers in the lib dems hold, and the BNP come third

But compare it to May 2008 elections
May 2008 Result: Lib-Dem 1491, Lab 1188, BNP 295, Con 290.

Yep - in just over 18 months the BNP have almost trebled their vote. Problem is that Fenham is heavily populated by 1st, 2nd & 3rd generation immigrant families, and in the past 10 years the ethinic minorities are now ethnic majorities.
Since the white minority left in the area by and large can't be arsed to get off their sofas and switch off Jeremy Kyle for anything less than cashing thier giros (and even then mostly can't spell X in order to actually vote) ; I wonder who is voting for the BNP in increasing numbers


Anonymous said...

Probably the established ethnics perveseley enough, they will feel threatened with the Poles etc....'cos if they have been here 30 years or so they will be getting greedy and lazy (classic BNP voters) as well. Could even be the dissolusioned Tories - pissed off with 'Call Me Dave' trying to be a Socialist. Cunts

The Scumbag said...

That's what I thought - I know the BNP fielded a black candidate somewhere last year, but times they must be a changin'

Wish the BNP would fuck off back to Yorkshire / London etc though