Thursday, 19 February 2009

Saving The Health & Safety Executive Some Money

I'm a civic minded individual, and seeing as we're in a time of unprecedented global uncertainty and McBroon hasn't got round to saving the world just yet; I probably ought to put some of my time aside Pro Bono and do my civic duty.

So here's my report on an incident of some dozy 14 year old taff bint in Barry Island buring herself on a coin-op tan machine : -

Report of Injuries Sustained by Kirsty McRae of Barry Island, on the 16th Feb 2009, in the Yakky-Dah stand n'tan salon, Barry Island

Self inflicted due to stupidity



Funniest thing is that apparently her Mum is a health & safety officer.... Oh the fucking glorious irony


Obnoxio The Clown said...

Oh for fuck's sake!! I've had worse sunburn than that from play cricket!!

The Scumbag said...

Ahhhh - but these days "someone must be held accountable". And doubtless a few thousand in compo and a life on disability benefits awaits - she is welsh after all.

I give it till 10am next monday morning when she's back at school before someone slaps her on the back

Fidothedog said...

Tis but a mild burn, done worse than that. Poofs the lot of them.

Slap her an tell her to toughen the fuck up.

Old Holborn said...

Does anyone else just want to rub her down with a housebrick and roll her in salty vinegar?

Stupid fucking Morlock

The Scumbag said...

Whatever floats your boat OH ;o)