Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Round 1 to the strikers

So it's over for now - a fudge has duly been made and some jobs will be given to UK workers.

Mandelsnake has been made to look a cock after saying it would be a "huge mistake" to engage in protectionism, which is exactly what happened after guarantees were given that over 50% of the workforce would be British.

The unions tried to put a glos on the whole thing claiming
people had had enough of employers using "unjust laws" to "pitch one European worker against fellow European workers" in the pursuit of profit
So a bit of good old British xenophobia never came into it then?? Of Course not. Salt of the earth those lads.

But where's going to be next?

My money's on train drivers

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TractorStats said...

May be bus drivers, heck of a lot of Polish bus drivers and they're talking about making several hundred drivers redundant down our way!