Sunday, 18 January 2009

Are you the Judean Peoples Front??

....And as well know - the correct response is "Fuck off" - as demonstrated by some photos from the Trots assembly in Sheffield yesterday.

Witness this woman, covering all her leftie bases with a "No to Isreali Defence Force, No To Hamas" banner (with it's other side blathering something about solidarity with women & comrades). This seemingly level headed approach seemed out of touch with some at the march, with them taking offence at being against agression on both sides.
Thus we have this man (complete with megaphone for slogan shouting)

Ripping the "No to IDF, No To Hamas" banner off some young lassy, trashing it, and then getting back to the serious business of shouting in this hillarious montage of solidarity with fellow comrades

In the last image - notice the man with the brown coat in the foreground? He now decides to get involved

He moves in to finish the job, before rejoining his wife & watching kids, who doubtless have enjoyed seeing daddy get angry

Isn't it fun when comrades fall out?


Ayrdale said...

Great sequence. Stumbled/lurched into you scumbag you...for an interesting lefty exchange see marxist Chris Trotter at
There is a lot of pleasure for the taking on some of the lefty blogs.

Tory Farm Boy said...

That lone person was the representing the 'Popular Front For Judea'!

who would win in a handbag fight-vote on my blog

The Scumbag said...

Ahhhh - a "splitter!"