Thursday, 15 January 2009

I predict a riot

Not that I give a flying shit. But if you plan on visiting London this saturday, the soap-dodgers, guardian readers & foaming mouthed trots who make up the stop the war coalition, bolstered by assorted Hamas / Iran / Al qaeda supporters and that cock George Galloway will be holding another day of anger in Trafalgar square. Doubtless topped off by a walk to the Israeli embassy for another dust-up with plod

I'm assuming it'll be along similar lines to last week (ineffectual hippy girl tries to control young masked Muslim men and stop them throwing shit at the rozzers)

Maybe this time they'll kick-off properly and we'll get to see angry young men being water-cannoned into the gutter.


TractorStats said...

I think this will become a regular event throughout the summer months when all the recently redundant workers take to the streets to protest about Labour's failings.

Were those people in yellow PCSOs, they didn't seem to be effective as I'd expect the Police to be. They had better do some training urgently and change their tactics for this week end or they will all end up in hospital.

The Scumbag said...

I think the ones in yellow with blue shoulder pads were the plastic plods - loved the basic tactic of "run away" deployed by them - genius.

I think 3rd time will be the charm and there'll be a good amount of fighting this weekend

Ming TM said...

Lokking forward to seeing it - gonna get a grandstand seat on U-tube. Predicted score? Plod 3 whingeing Muslim cunts 0. Hopefully George Galloway will be an early and terminal injury. What is all this pussy policing? - the bastards never showed us any mercy in 84! MTM

The Screech said...

somehow i can't help wondering, if it was US and not the free palestine mob, would the law still be running scared or would they be barging at us full tilt with billy clubs and tasers?