Friday, 2 January 2009

BBC's usual standards apply

Spotted over at Biased BBC

It seems that their "diary of an aid worker" feature is written by a member of Islamic Relief Worldwide - who (quel surprise) have some links to Hamas
For years Islamic Relief Worldwide has denied they were linked to terrorism . The group which is based in the UK and Burbank California raised money after 9/11 using the pretext of helping victims. With the arrest of one of their British operatives in Israel who admitted funding Hamas it is to be hoped that IRW will go the way of KinderUSA and KindHearts,which were closed down by the U.S. Treasury Department because of terrorism funding

Incredible - the BBC happily broadcasts the diaries of a group who have links to one side in the conflict, and spin them as some sort of "account of a neutral"

Utter bastards...

Not that I should be surprised.

And in other news, bears continue to shit in the woods

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