Friday, 2 January 2009

Those cuddly Jihadists are at it again

from the grauniad

A jihadist group, the Followers of Ahlulsunnah Al Jamal, today organised a protest march from the Central Mosque in Regent's park to the US embassy. Their placards declared: 'Shariah for Palestine', 'United Nations Go To Hell - Islam Is The Only Solution' and 'Hands off Muslims'.
Oh dear.....

But why are jihadist groups picking Regents Park Mosque as a starting point? Oh yeah...

Women preachers in one of Britain's most influential mosques are calling on Muslims to kill homosexuals and adulterers, a television documentary will reveal tonight.

During a hardline rant at the London Central Mosque, one preacher said Muslims who switch to another religion should also be slaughtered.

They describe Britain as the 'land of evil' and say the behaviour of other races is 'vile'.

In one of the recordings, a speaker says of the Jews: 'Their time will come, like every other evil person's time will come.'

So it's a hotbed of liberalism & tolerance then which has form for not just solidarity with the Palestinians but generally hating everything non-Muslim - plus a nice line in slogans.
The interesting one that gives it away though is the "Sharia for Palestine" one - notably not "freedom for Palestine", or even "what do we want? Palestine! When do we want it? etc etc"; because it's crystal clear that Sharia and freedom are mutually exclusive.

Wonder if inspector knacker turned out to film it?


The Penguin said...

If Britain is so vile, whu don't they just fuck off somewhere better?

The Penguin

The Scumbag said...

usually because they can't - having fucked off their country of origin usually to the extent that they're wanted for murder / terrorism / extremism or some such; they come here and proceed to tell us how evil we all are and how shit our country is