Saturday, 3 January 2009

Soap dodgers all in a lather

So the stop the war protest got nasty eh? Now there's a suprise.

Scumbag's standard recipe for a police vs leftie stand-off: -
  1. Take a few thousand ultra-lefties, guardian readers, anarchists and the 4 remaining socialist worker readers
  2. Mix with a dollop of that odious shite Galloway, some respect members and a couple of mullahs
  3. Egg the numbers up to thick end of 100,000 (like the million that supposedly marched protesting about Iraq)
  4. Burn a couple of flags
  5. Have a break-away group go off-planned route and pitch up near the Israeli embassy
  6. Break through barriers
  7. Pelt police with assorted stones, sticks and such
  8. Hang around and refuse to disperse / continue marching (marching, being the main activity in a march, otherwise it would be called a "hanging around"
  9. Bleat like hell when police move in.

Getting on the wrong end of a baton charge is what happens when you stand at the front when those behind you are chucking shit at plod - not pissing off straight away is a sure-fire way to end up getting a good filling in.

One protester Stephen Hodgkins, 38, also said police had charged several times. "People were crying, they were very, very upset. It was just shocking," he said. "Unfortunately, what it has now done is provoke an otherwise peaceful demonstration."

Nope boyo, the provoking was done by the people throwing shit about.

Water cannon the bastards - they'll be less inclined to hang about when they're soaked to the skin


JuliaM said...

"Water cannon the bastards - they'll be less inclined to hang about when they're soaked to the skin "

Tut! Don't you know that, despite being an island with an annual rainfall of 'too bloody much', we are facing water shortages?

Not sure there's a shortage of water in the sewer system, though, so if they wanted to fill their water cannons from that, I wouldn't complain...

Cleethorpes Rock said...

Or fly over them with a Chinook Hellicopter fitted with a giant electromagnet (a la You Only Live Twice) then use it to pick up all the soap dodgers by their piercings then drop them in the Thames.

Very sad to see shoes being thrown at the Cenotaph though. That speaks volumes about the sort of people on the march.