Thursday, 8 January 2009

Newcastle Council are a bunch of Twats

The idiotic Lib Dem shitehawks who run Newcastle council have decided that they will use my taxes to spunk up the wall on Keynesian spending plans including "Regeneration projects" (Pikey builders putting shitty double glazing and loft lagging into the houses of the workshy), "Raising benefits" (again for the workshy / lazy) and "Pensions" (doubtless gold-plating the ones of the overpaid fuckers leading the council on 100+K a year).

Utter, utter bastards - what should my heard earned pay be blown on feather-bedding the bastards who already get the moon on a fucking stick. Why can't they get their pitiful brains round the concept that you cannot spend your way out of a recession by taxing the working stiffs - possibly because they nicked the idea from central government (doubtless on the logic that if the Gorgon is screwing the country rotten propping up failed banks, no-one will notice if they follow his lead), and partially because the Lib Dems are at risk of getting the boot at the next local elections if they're not seen to make sure the fat and lazy get their council tax benefits and free sauna sessions.

The only rays of hope are that they'll spend some of the money on improving the absolutely shoddy road network up here (though the amount of work they'll get out of 7 mil won't be much based on the time it took them to widen 200 meters of road by 8 meters - 6 fucking months) and sacking some 500 diversity caseworkers and organic beansprout advisers.

Happily though in the interests of interactivity I was able to tell them what a bunch of twats they were via their "what do you think of our budget" feedback page on the website. But I doubt they'll listen

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