Friday, 30 January 2009

The peasants are revolting

So it begins... And earlier than I expected as well (I had my money on mid June when the proles went to convert their holiday money into euros for the fortnight in Benidorm and realised how fucked our currency is against the euro).

It appears that the peasants have reverted to solidarity strikes and random walkouts in heavy industry up and down the country (though correct me if I'm wrong - but I though secondary action was illegal? I'd laugh my fucking tits off if the bastards all got the sack) as they're upset that Johnny foreigner is getting the work (though they probably only have themselves to blame when the Wops are a better employment prospect that the average UK numpty)

So we now have the hilarious situation of the unions, who lets not forget are normally rabidly pro-EU, having to back their members in a dispute where they will be forced to criticise the EU for it's free trade. Oh the delicious joy of it all, compounded by the fact that Cyclops will have to bow to his union paymasters and fudge some solution (inevitably pissing off the EU who will doubtless threaten action) to keep the unions happy.
So how they can reconcile this:
Pat McFadden, minister for employment relations, said Mr Brown had not meant UK firms would be encouraged to flout European laws on free mobility of labour when he promised "British jobs for British workers"
With this: -
Some of these companies ... are saying they will exclusively debar UK workers, they will not consider UK workers under any circumstances - Derek Simpson, Unite general secretary

Will be an even bigger joy. I believe the phrase "he who pays the piper call the tune" will now apply and nulabour will be fucked either way. Happy days. Expect the shit to hit the fan on Monday when the unions all get together and plan their next move, while the average heavy industry worker goes and has a chat to his local BNP rep.


Odin's Raven said...

Perhaps Yeats was right ...
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.

The Penguin said...

In a curious echo of Lord Tebbit, Lord Voldemort Of Boys and Hartlepool has infuriated workers unable to get a job in Britain ( in part thanks to NuLiebore's failure to address legislation which disadvantages UK workers according to union officials ) by telling them to get on their bikes and get a nice cushy job in Europe.

"I did it," said Mandy, "There I was, on my very uppers, no one in the UK would touch me with a brass bargepole, so I got on my Brazilian bike and went and found a job in Brussels. Rather nice, as it turned out, lots of foreign travel, good hotels, nice restauarants, and I got to meet some very nice people. With yachts. In fact, I made so much money that I could afford to come back to Britain."

The Penguin.

The Scumbag said...

I note that Lord Mandy of buggery has already put his foot in it
"he (Alan Johnson) also defended comments by Business Secretary Lord Mandelson, who warned against protectionism and said British workers were free to take jobs in Europe, saying it was "great" if other countries wanted to employ "skilled British craftsmen and women"

Which seems to ignore the fact that most countries in the EU wouldn't consider employing British workers over their own nationals unless they were especially inept and useless (such as the French)