Monday, 12 January 2009

Councillor Ahmed Khan

This grinning baldy b'stard

is a truancy encouraging, divisionist idiot who is quite prepared to hide behind schoolchildren and fuck up their education to show "solidarity" with the Palestinians.
Muslim children took the day off school to hold a protest over the violence in Gaza.
Did they now??? No Christians allowed? No Jews? Sikhs? Or would their parents have objected to being used as political tools by some grandstanding councillor? Or is there another card being played?

Councillor Ahmed Khan of the Beacon and Bents ward, who organised the event, said there were no banners and the vigil was be "non-disruptive."
Congratulations Ahmed - because a "disruptive" protest about violence in Gaza would have been a bit stupid eh? And a "disruptive" protest is actually, errr, normally called "a riot" you tosser.

So what have we got on the charge sheet then?
  • Encouraging mass truancy
  • Manipulation of children
  • Manipulation of ethinic minorities
  • Questionable moral behaviour
Utter despicable moron

A South Tyneside Council spokesman said: "We sympathise with everyone who has concerns about the loss of life and horrific injuries on both sides of the conflict.

"However, in line with guidance from the government, we will be advising head teachers to mark the absences as unauthorised.

Good - I have made a complaint to South Tynesides truancy officer as per their web page regarding truancy and asked for councilor Kahn to be investigated.

There will also be a complaint to the standards board, and depending if I have any beer tonight, an e-mail to Ahmed to enquire how he justifies the loss of around 600 hours of valuable education to ethnic minorities, who are often the most excluded in the education system - his e-mail is ahmed.khan(at) if anyone else wants to ask him as well

Ahmed - you are a manipulative piece of work


Old Holborn said...

Love it

The Screech said...

well done made, had to be said, bloody hypocrites need deporting

The Penguin said...

Good work, that man! More power to yer elbow.

The Penguin

The Penguin said...

Dear Mr. Khan,

I was intrigued to read of your organising a protest.

Did you not think it might be racist or at least religionist to include ONLY muslim children?

And how did you balance out their educational needs viz a viz their need to protest about something they cannot possibly influence or even understand?

Do you think encouraging truancy is part of your duties as a councillor even though it is against the law?

When will you be resigning?

Yours truly

The Penguin said...


Many thanks for your e-mail the contents of which have been noted.

A Khan

Anonymous said...

Thank you for printing his details.I have emailed him and complained to the council but nothing will happen as he is fireproof(ie a muslim).

The Penguin said...

Hi David or is it Scumbag?

Many thanks for publishing my reply to this e-mail on The Scumbag Times blog. I'm not sure why you have deliberately omitted your own identity, no matter I will rectify this shortly.

The Grinning Baldy Bastard.

Ooooooh, threats now!

The Penguin

The Penguin said...

Hi Ahmed,

Since we’re now on first name terms 

No, I’m not Scumbag. There’s a whole host of us out here watching and sharing information.

And anyone who wants to know can easily find my name, so feel free to share it.

Anyway, you have not answered any of my questions. Perhaps you could do so?

D K Smith

The Scumbag said...

Ooooh - wonder if you've upset him ;o)

Maybe he doesn't like having his actions criticised by the proles.