Thursday, 1 January 2009

Up yours Barroso!

The governments propaganda unit (AKA the BBC) seem to have gone a little off message with the happy news that 71% of Britons still think the Euro is a waste of space.

So it appears that despite the dear leaders best efforts to screw the pound totally so they're now of equal value, and that chubby fool Jose Manuel Barroso proclaiming that we were "closer than ever before", we still don't want Brussels running our financial affairs any more than Brown & Co have signed away already.

Despite millions spent on propoganda, the people of this septic isle still totally reject the Euro, and doubtless much of the other crap that comes with the EU project - which explains why they'll do anything to give us that referendum.

That's cheered me up no end considering what a dull, cold day it it out there generally. All I need to hear is that Ed Balls has gone under a bus and I'll retire to bed a happy man today

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